• From Online To In-Store | Lessons from Leading Multichannel RetailersFrom Online To In-Store | Lessons from Leading Multichannel Retailers
    Have you ever wondered how to use mobile technology to more effectively drive sales in-store?
    Ever wished you could match your high street customers to your online customer data?
    Want to see precisely how the most successful multichannel European retailers are doing it?

    Download out latest Whitepaper, to get the first look at our most recent research on how digital technology is changing the game – and where the opportunities lie.  
  • Survival of the Quickest | How web optimization is driving business growthSurvival of the Quickest | How web optimization is driving business growth
    In the fast moving world of website optimisation every second counts – the faster you can respond to the data you have available the more you’ll be able to sell online.

    In Summer 2015 Frosmo and WBR Digital surveyed 100 leading retail eCommerce executives in Europe to find out how they are responding to the explosion of opportunity created by the boom in online sales.
  • Digital Consumer View 2015Digital Consumer View 2015
    The holy grail for any modern marketer is to get a complete view of their customers’ digital habits.

    However, this is no easy feat, many are still grappling to truly understand consumer preferences and behaviour when it comes to channels, devices and content.

    In the summer of 2015 WBR Digital teamed up with Experian to get a clearer picture of the consumer view of current marketing tactics.

    We surveyed more than 1200 consumers across Asia, evenly split amongst Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China. 

    The following report is a definitive guide to understanding the modern digital consumer.
  • Data Driven Omnichannel MarketingData Driven Omnichannel Marketing
    We partnered with Tealium to examine the explosion of data-driven marketing solutions and how this has given retailers a mind-boggling array of options and access to analytical and predictive powers which were previously unimaginable.

  • Clean Databases | Reality Or Fantasy?Clean Databases | Reality Or Fantasy?
    Hatstand; Specialists in Financial Technology wanted to understand the standing of Data Managers from Europe's top Financial Institutions in terms of regulatory compliance & database management.

    We surveyed over 100 companies and produced a whitepaper which was extensively marketed to senior Data Managers - Hatstand received over 100 new prospects as well as a the report itself which perfectly complimented their involvement at our annual Financial Information Management Conference [FIMA].
  • eTail International Delivery ReporteTail International Delivery Report

    wnDirect provider of leading international logistics solutions, wanted to understand the biggest challenges facing retailers in terms of delivery and fulfillment.

    In April 2014 we canvassed the industry and spoke to a range of eCommerce experts culminating in a whitepaper that was distributed to our senior eCommerce database - resulting in over 100+ new prospects for their sales team.

  • The Evolution of Digital Marketing for European RetailersThe Evolution of Digital Marketing for European Retailers

    Our long time partners Bronto, The Marketing Platform for Commerce - had previously got a taste of the quality of our database through some dedicated email blasts. This time however they wanted to get a clearer understanding of how the use of Digital Marketing has evolved for European Retailers.

    Together we designed a survey examining how European retailers are leveraging new technologies and marketing channels. The following whitepaper is the culmination of the results.

  • The Changing Landscape of Digital & Mobile Strategy for RetailersThe Changing Landscape of Digital & Mobile Strategy for Retailers
    To compliment the webinar and provide some fresh insight, RetailMeNot wanted to compare merchants' use of digital & mobile tactics across four European countries [UK, Germany, France & the Netherlands].

    Together we designed a survey and collected over 155 responses from top retailers across Europe. The resulting report provides a European overview of the market, as well as a country by country comparison. This allowed both RetailMeNot and future prospects to understand areas for potential growth as well as current challenges European retailers are facing. 
  • The Global eCommerce Expansion ReportThe Global eCommerce Expansion Report
    avarto Bertelsmann, providers of integrated eCommerce in Supply Chain Management, needed to gain a clearer understanding of how retailers approach global expansion of their eCommerce activities.

    Together we designed a survey to be distributed across four sectors [Beauty, Fashion, Luxury & FMCG].

    In total we surveyed over 90 companies, and the resulting whitepaper is the culmination of the research.