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May 10-May 10, 2017

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The Growing Importance of Geospatial Intelligence

The Growing Importance of Geospatial Intelligence

Geospatial technology is going through an unprecedented period of growth, 10-15% a year with an estimated value of $100bn.

Vast improvement in the management of data, ever improving standards and interoperability. Advances in sensor resolution and fusion have made a huge difference; however, we are still some way from taking full advantage to what this technology can truly offer.

Views From The City

With less than a year before MiFID II implementation, Ullink partnered with WBR Insights as a tool to promote the company as a thought leader during a period of uncertainty within the finance community. Commencing In Q4 of 2016, we interviewed 150 Equity Traders based in Europe, prioritised buy-side firms, with the goal of getting a clearer understanding of the challenges facing European trading desks. As one of our most successful campaigns, we generated over 900+ leads through our ability to provide high-value content that was well received by our audience.
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An Automated Future

Examining the top challenges facing procurement in Europe in 2017, OpusCapita, Radius Travel, and Ivalua joined WBR Insights as co-sponsorship knowledge partners on one of our most engaging reports within our procurement verticle. In Q2 of 2017, ProcureCon Europe & WBR Insights surveyed 100 European Procurement leaders from top manufacturing companies for the creation of this report. Overall, we generated over 300+ leads which were passed on to each sponsor.

The Supply Chain of the Future

From rapid shifts in supply and demand to impending regulatory changes, disruptive technologies and, of course, the need to maintain supply chain integrity, there are plenty of stress-factors to be aware of – and solutions to be found. In 2017 WBR Insights partnered with three co-sponsors (E2open, OM Movianto and TempControl), to support the creation of the LogiPhamra 2017 Benchmarking report. Together we interviewed 100 senior decision makers within pharma industry to investigate some of the issues which were driving transformation in the pharmaceutical supply chain.