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10 - 10 May, 2017

United Kingdom

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Technology as a Differentiator for Active Managers: Practical tips to support challenges in the face of eroding margins

In October 2017, SimCorp partnered with WBR Insights in producing a fiance back-office focused webinar.

This webinar provided practical advice on how to:

  • Roll out new mandates; Improve investment decision support
  • Improve profitability through platform consolidation
  • Increase automation
  • Comply with regulations like MiFID II
  • Meet increased demands for investor transparency.

This event was open to investment management firms, consulting partners, industry analysts and research organizations.

Leveraging Social Media Signals: How traditional financial sources are lagging behind with the rise of alternative data

In November 2017, Dataminr partnered with WBR Insight for a cross-asset finance webinar that targeted both buy-side and sell-side traders in providing practical insight on how to leverage social media signals before they become news.

In this webinar gave practical advice on how to:

  • Gain insight into the growing world of alternative data
  • Utilize social media as your go-to source for real-time breaking news
  • Separate the signals from the noise on social media
  • Understand how news breaks in today’s 24/7 cycle and how to keep your edge

Discover the 12 Best Practices for MRO Inventory Optimization

Determining the optimal stock levels for MRO spares should be a science, not an art. But for more organizations, it represents an impossible numbers game. Organisations without optimized inventory run the risk of overpaying and underperforming.

By leveraging technology tools, automated processes and inventory management best practices to optimize MRO spares and consumables, asset-intensive organizations can consistently produce results like these:

  • 15-25% reduction in funds invested in safety stock
  • 5-20% decrease in write-offs of surplus and obsolete stock
  • 10-25% fewer stock-outs, for improved availability and productivity
  • 10-25% drop in administrative costs for replenishing inventory
  • 33-66% less resource time spent managing inventory