WBR Insights Europe

10 May, 2017

United Kingdom

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Meet The Team

Jen Richardson

Head of Insights

When not at work Jen can be found ‘treading the boards’ with her local acting group, or indulging her Northern roots with a Sunday roast, in a pub, with a glass (or two) of white wine!

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Gareth Becker

Digital Content Director

Likes: Punchy Copy, Piña Colada, and Politics.
Dislikes: Lists.

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Tanyel Crossley

Global Finance Portfolio Director- Insights

A native Londoner, Tanyel enjoys traveling with her husband, long country walks and a rocking spinning class.

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Robert Hancox

Retail and eCommerce Portfolio Director- Insights

Likes: Hockey and Dad jokes.
Dislikes: Commuting and the weather.

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Eduardo Magalhaes

Digital Marketing Manager

Likes: Turtles.

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