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May 10-May 10, 2017

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Technology as a Differentiator for Active Managers: Practical tips to support challenges in the face of eroding margins

In October 2017, SimCorp partnered with WBR Insights in producing a fiance back-office focused webinar. This webinar provided practical advice on how to: Roll out new mandates; Improve investment decision support; Improve profitability through platform consolidation; Increase automation; Comply with regulations like MiFID II; Meet increased demands for investor transparency. This event was open to investment management firms, consulting partners, industry analysts and research organizations.

Leveraging Social Media Signals: How traditional financial sources are lagging behind with the rise of alternative data

In November 2017, Dataminr partnered with WBR Insight for a cross-asset finance webinar that targeted both buy-side and sell-side traders in providing practical insight on how to leverage social media signals before they become news.

In this webinar gave practical advice on how to:

  • Gain insight into the growing world of alternative data
  • Utilize social media as your go-to source for real-time breaking news
  • Separate the signals from the noise on social media
  • Understand how news breaks in today’s 24/7 cycle and how to keep your edge